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Who am I?

My name is Urs Wildermuth. I am currently 37 years of age and married to Ina, my wife for 7 years now. My interests are anything to do with civil aviation, reading, travelling and having a good time with friends. I started flying in 1983 and have since logged some 500 hours in total on many different airplanes. The highlight of my career so far have been the ANTONOV 2 type transition in Bulgaria and some simulator experience on different jet transport airplanes.

I am especcially fond of Russian designed planes such as the ANTONOV 2 or the TUPOLEV 154. I had the rare chance to see the latter in operation for a while during a charter operation and am hooked since, whereas I had the pleasure to learn how to fly the AN2 in Bulgaria.

I fly flight simulators since they are accessible to me. My first simulator I really liked was "Fighter Pilot" by D.K. Marshall back on the Sinclair Sperctrum. I then got myself a Commodore 64 and FS2. I still remember when the first PC came to my house and I was able to use FS3 and then 4 and of course ATP. Today my time is shared bewteen Airline Simulator/ATP which remains my favorite, and Flight Simulator 98 and Precision Simulator 1.2.

When ASD came out, I started to make my first scenery of Switzerland. It is still in the drawer someplace and I sold quite a few in Switzerland. With FS5 coming out I switched to convert my then projected version 2 of the Swiss Scenery to ATP where it became the first available 3rd party scenery for ATP. A further project involved using Hardy Heinlin's PC Rallye around the World for FS4 to create a real long range environment for ATP, today known as ATP AROUND THE WORLD. On the FS side Airport Collection 1 came along and more is to come soon!

In the last few years I worked together with a lot of great people and programmers. I would like to mention Mike Woodley who helped me to make first steps in FS5 scenery design and also helped my work with ASD stuff, Heinz Oetiker, the designer of Greece and Baleares, with whom I worked on Flylogic's PROFESSIONAL ENROUTE ADVENTURES 1-4 for FS and Simon Hradecky, who was a vital factor in completing ATP around the World and is a good friend ever since.

One of my passions in flight simulations was ATP and its sucessor, Airline Simulator 2. Not only does it present in my view the best chance most people will ever get to fly a "real" airliner as real as possible, but AS2 is formed around a team which is unique. One high point in the history of AS2 was the winning of Interstate 8 in Krefeld. See the team who did this below.

The people in this picture have been dedicated for many years to make flight simulation as real as it can become with the current and future technology. I am proud to be a member of that team.

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