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Opening in March 2000

Pilots training is on everyone's mind as airline pilot demand is on an all time high. However, many pilots are low on budget after completing training in high price simulatiors. The FLIGHT SIMULATION CENTER at Opfikon wants to help out here by offering low cost self study or instructor accompanied personal training on our simulators.

For which persons is the center intended?

Our new center is open to any and all pilots and other enthusiasts, such as dedicated PC pilots, who wish to explore their skills and limits in a better and dedicated way. In our simulators you can train what you need without time pressure and without having an empty space in your purse afterwards.

Our Simulators

Our simulator center offers 2 different simulators for use:

Pro Cockpit IFR Trainer

Enclosed PC-Based IFR Trainer simulating a variety of high performance single engine aircraft. Integrated instructor facilities allow high standard training of all IFR procedures. VFR is supported to a degree. Ideal also for people who wish to make first experiences on flying on instruments.

Instructor Station

The instructor station is positioned behind the pilot's seat and allows the instructor to survey the flight on a moving map, imply failures, print out flight tracks and many other features.

EFIS Cockpit and Procedure Trainer

This is a very early shot of our EFIS trainer, shot at an exhibition where we lended our trainer to. The final setup will look different, this shot is there just to give an idea.

This high tech device features a fully equipped 6 screen EFIS Cockpit for people who wish to prepare for their first EFIS cockpit jobs or other interested people. The cockpit will include full dual flight controls, dual engine controls for realistic power setting and failure implementation, based on the A320 / 330 family. Full visual representation augments the flight experience.

How can you log your flighttime?

Initially, the simulator center will not be recognized by the Swiss FOCA . This is also not our intention for the time being. We are working on leading edge technology which will have to prove itself before we aspire to higher goals. However, you can still profit a lot from our center,which is intended mainly to allow personal low cost individual training.

All right, how much per hour?

The Pro Cockpit IFR Trainer will be available from CHF 60.--. If you wish to have an instructor present they are all available from CHF 60.-- per started hour.

The prices for the EFIS trainer have not yet been defined.

There will be different packages available, featuring different instruction goals and attractive pricing. Call us for more details.